16 years old and lost in life?
2001-02-25 16:09:27 (UTC)

~*~Wow~*~ last night i was..

~*~Wow~*~ last night i was soooo happy bout tony...icame
home to tell everyone....i told a grl i told everythin it
and she was really happy..... i told a grl who tells me
that im her best friend which haha makes me laugh when i
say it.....and all she said was cool....i was like "Cool"?
then shes like how long did you get ot see him
for..Response: 15 minutes she did respond and i was like
umm yea im sorry but that feels like a lifetime to me when
i see somebody who they told me was going to die and hes
sitting--imean standing there with no bone in his forehead
wearing a helmet having a neck brace....and all she said
was ic.....that pissed me off....my day went from being
135135 time s better....to dividing it by 13413. She doesnt
understand how much the kid means' to me...i love him
dearly and can't wait til the next time i get to see him..

Well besides that" basketball season ended 2 or 3 weeks ago
and guess what we are practicing again already getting
ready for next year... i love basketball!! its a great
sport we have some people who hate it here but i respect
that totally...

Well like i said in my FIRST entree about me being sick in
4 th grade and being in the hospital for 3 months...well
this is the first time i have writtten nething down and
havent even said nething to my parents....but... when i
was sick in 4th grade my head was like always in a day-
dream like it is now.....im always tired...i always
sleep...i havent been eating very much and people at school
would agree with that....i mean when i m at home i eat alot
that seems to be the same too....i just havent been feeling
right........and im scared that i might have it back
again...im really scared but i dont wanna say nethin to my
parents cause they will flip out on me just for saying it i
donno people but its not right....and if i find nething out
i will write it back so keep coming back for updates on
it... please write me a feedback!!! thanx!
luv ya