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2001-09-27 02:22:19 (UTC)

i kinda want to give up

i ginda want to give up on this whole girl thing. i just
want to find love and it isnt happening. i think i am
looking too hard and i might be just passing it right up. i
want to find a girl thaat is kind and doesnt think that all
i want is sex. i hate the fact that all girls think these
days is that guys just want sex and so the girls just stay
away from guys all together. i have been really depressed
these last few days and i think i am starting to find out
why. i asked chelsea about this whole age difference thing.
well she is 14 and i am turning 18 in december and well i
guess her parents just dont aprove of us being together.
well yea. i kinda knew this from when i learned her age but
i didnt pay much attention untill now nd it is really
hurting me. my mom and dad were like 7 years apart. i know
people that are 16 years apart. they are older people. but
this kinda goes back to my whole older people and what they
put us thru essay. i dont know why but they seem to think
it is alright to do it. but not us. they are hipocrates.
(spelling) and i cant stand to live like this but it is
happening. everything that amerika is striving to over come
they are becoming and i hate the fact that they do not
realize this. its just one of those things that we just put
aside cause it isnt a problem but then all of a sudden it
just becomes a problem. like that airport thing. it is a
problem now and it always has been. see you later i have to
take a shower. bye bye ^_^