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2003-02-19 19:34:44 (UTC)

Fun Weekend with Mela

Yay so my amiga mela came to visit all the way from SCU-
It was jolly good fun- Saturday we had planned to go to
the antiwar rally and then to the wild animal park...So
angela, ashley, jessica, mel, ben and i all go to the to
antiwar rally- ash and i had brought our blue ucsd cones
and ben and ash and i led chants for the whole crowd with
those things- it was great-lots of pple came out to
express antiwar sentiments and support for peace...then we
got food and started on our trip to Escondido to the wild
animal park...except when we got there we realized we'd be
paying like $26 for only an hour and a half because it was
gonna close...so we were like hell now what! we decided
to hit up this petting zoo...which consisted of about 7
cages of animals- we payed 10 bucks in total to pet a
goat, a llama, admire a donkey from a far (there was a
sign saying he was kinda ruthless and nasty, not in those
words though), and...nope actually i think that's about
it...haha they also had a peacock and lots of
camels ...very bizarre animals...very large
animals...there were like 4 fences separating us from
them...i had no intention of trying to pet a camel- i bet
the fences were there for a reason- then we decided we had
a helluva lot more time- being that the "petting zoo" took
all of 10 min- so we decided to go speed boating in
mission bay..and we did after looking for the place for
lik ea half hour! it was hilarious though cause ben was
getting serously sassy and i was hysterical in the back
seat. Speed boating was great -we all got to drive and
mel's driving almost totally soaked ben at one point...lot
of pics were taken- Sunday we went running and then
shopping and then to see sea otters all sleeping on the
beach- pretty neat stuff..then mon- mela went home and
left me with my hw to do...haha too bad i dn't really do
it- anywyas i'm done- leave me a msg if ya read it at all
so i knw to contineu