Brad`s Journal
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2003-02-19 19:31:35 (UTC)

Two of most important people in my life right now

Right now Two of the most important girls im my life are My
nieces ages 4yrs and 3 months almost 4. My nieces are my
pride and joy. I love them with all my heart. I don`t know
what i would do if anything happend to them I would
probably want to kill myself. These two girls are the
cutest things you have ever seen in your life. I mean when
I have kids I can only pray, wish, and hope that they turn
out to be like my two nieces. I`ll tell you one thing that
My sister was blessed with these two beautiful girls. I am
a very lucky person because i get to see these two
beautiful girls grow up to eventually become two beautiful
women. I hope that they know if they ever need anything
that they can always come to me. I also Hope they know how
much I love them!!!!! They mean the world to me. If one of
my nieces need a kidney I would givem them mine. If one of
them needed a new heart (God willing that they won`t)I
would say give them my heart. Sure i would die but I would
be saving a life that is more precious then mine........