Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-19 19:05:18 (UTC)


It's 5.30am. Too early I tell you. Too early. It's madness.
Actually it's simply called "family." Taking my Dad in for
an operation at a Hospital near me and they want him in
early shirly. So I'm up n adam. Then after that I am taking
Mat down to Bren's work, so he can finish off all the car
bits and peices and hopefully drive away with the next not
to be Stanley. Then at lunchtime abouts I am re-picking my
Dad up and taking him home. It's sort of a tidy little
package that fits into my day without effecting it too
much, other than it's 5.30am. Way too early. And I'd least
have 2 more hours sleep up my sleeve on today's. And you
never have good sleeps when you know you have to get up
early. The body just refuses to accept or pretend it's like
a normal morning. It's KNOWS it's gotta be up at 5.30am, so
it usually resists in going to sleep first then later on
wakes up a few times, just to let you know that time is
passing and it's nearly 5.30am. Well that is what my body
does anyway. And I really should be blaming the mind here
and not specifically the body.

So it be 5.30am and I must shower and I must get ready, so
it be I move on.