2001-09-27 02:14:07 (UTC)

24Fit. ARGH.

Man, I HATE 24 hour fitness. I cancelled the stupid
membership like 2 months ago, and it still hasnt been
cancelled. So my dad freaks out, makes me go with him to
witness him yelling like a little puss to the stupid
manager. Argh, then he yells at ME in front of everyone.
I REALLY enjoyed that. OMO, that pisses the crap outta
me. But whatever, anyhow. I don't even know what to type
anymore. So jess thinks my journals are entertaining, and
that's fine with me. Glad to be able to entertain people
with the babble that I write. It's stellar to know that
people find stuff that you do as fun/funny/entertaining or
whatnot. English is such an amusing class. Grimm's likes
to tell funny stories and stuff, and the special ed
teacher...dont know his name, came in and did some funky
little joke, like his impression of the california duck.
(and he ducks.) yah, so pretty much spent 2 hours
listening to grimm talkin' bout some funny stories and
whatnot. Soo much better than Vermulen. Yah, so, I don't
know what else to say, I'm bored out of my mind. I love
it. Wonder how I'll be spending my 4 day weekend. Prolly
on my ass. Without Alex, I have like nothing to do. I'm
such a loner. Woo.

Here I am sitting on the beach again.
Watching as the tide comes rolling in.
I miss the times when I looked into your eyes.
A sacrifice I made for paridise.
~Stellar, huh?