Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-02-19 18:34:38 (UTC)


Yesterday, I went to the Royal Armouries. We got lost on
the way there and ended up taking a two hour detour around
Leeds. Damn road signs!
Anyways, we were driving through this run down area and
there was "Bin Laden" and "Osama" written everywhere. What
the FUCK?? People who live here, given benefits by our
govornment have a somewhat reasonable degree of living
support that fucking idiot. THEY are threats. I don't see
why they aren't arrested, or deported. Didn't Roosvelt sign
something which meant that all Ameri-Japs should be locked
up until after the war? If you ask me, that's what they
should do here.

God, those people make me so angry. If you hate this
country-get out! We're not keeping you here. We're glad to
be rid of you, dirty, stinking scum. Have you never heard
of soap? Probably not.Maybe if you all left then the
govornment could focus more on the English people of