sokker midget

2001-09-27 02:04:47 (UTC)

some things are just strange

This week has been so strange. Sunday i had a wonderful
dream about an ex-boyfriend and i really don't have any
idea what it means, except i think i might still have
feelings about him. but the funny thing is we went together
in seventh grade. and then just today i found something
that he made me, and the strange thing is, it was sitting
in my window sill with the curtain infront of it so i
couldn't see it. and the only way i could possibly see it
is if the sun was hitting the window just right. and this
object has been sitting in my window sill ever since
seventh grade, and i know all of you are thinking man does
she ever clean her room, but i don't live in that room
anymore because i moved into a different bedroom and i
guess i forgot that it was there. also my old bedroom got
turned into a computer room and everyday i come in here,
and i have never noticed it, but for some reason today i
just glanced over there, and there it was. i think it was a
sign that maybe i should try to get this guy back. if
anyone reads this, write back and tell me what you think.