My life as I percieve it
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2001-09-27 02:03:32 (UTC)

breaking up sucks, but breaking for a made up reason is pretty funny

Larry (2:16:43 AM): hey, I need to talk to you
Me (2:16:50 AM): wait
Me (2:17:00 AM): do you know how scary that
Larry (2:17:04 AM): yeah
Me (2:17:08 AM): to start something off like that
ME(2:17:18 AM): hold on
ME(2:17:29 AM): ok
Me(2:17:33 AM): i'm ready
Me(2:17:36 AM): what is it
Larry(2:18:34 AM): I need some time to think
about us right now, I'm not saying I really want to
break up, but I just need some time and some space, I
think what we are really going to need to do is see
how thing go at thanksgiving
Me(2:19:40 AM): how much more sapce can you get
than 800 miles

What the fuck is that!