Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-27 01:56:37 (UTC)

bad news !

Hey everyone !
Sup ? Not much here !OMG I have some bad news ! One of my
best friends Isra is having by far the worst time of her
life!!!! Her boyfriend is in the hospital because of his
back ! I guess there is supposed to be some big vain in his
lower back that isn't there! Insted there are a bunch of
smaller vains that are getting blood clots !!!! :( ! Poor
sean !!!!!! I feel so bad for him and Isra !!!!!! They
think he might loose his legs too ! OMG its so sad ! Sean
is like the perfect guy for Isra and they are like so IN
LOVE! and now for something like this to happen ! It just
totally shows how we are not incontrol of anything ! It is
all part of Gods master plan ! And I pray that God would
heal Sean so that he and Isra could both have the life the
deserve ! I know God has something all planed out but I
just don't see at the moment why he would let something
like this happen to such wonderful teens ! ? IDK its so
crazy ! I am trusting God to do the right thing ! Please
everyone pray for Sean and Isra and if you would like to
respond to how you feel about whats happening to them
please respond to me and I will pass it on to them ! Thanks
so much !
I have to go ! I love you Adam ! Isra and Sean I am
praying for you both!!!!!
Love always

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