Ugly on the inside
2001-09-27 01:42:37 (UTC)

Meister fraue

today was such a crap day... i can't even begin to explain
how bad it was. it was one of those "everything sucked"
type of things where you couldn't pick just one thing
out... no, it was everything.
my sinuses felt like they were going to explode (and i wish
they had to save me some agony)
James ditched me for Christina
I sat alone again this morning... let's see if we can
finish off the week with at least someone sitting with me
i got a locker today... there was a complete wardrobe in
there that smelled awful... some girl freaked out and said
it was her locker and i still proceeded to put my shit in
there... does she think she can get to me? doubtful
and to top the whole locker story off!!!!!! everytime i open the door
i'm greated with large lovely letters exclaiming "fuck you". it's
funny none the less but even if i do cover it up i know it'll still
be there
fench sucked as usual... i hate that goddamn language. i
wanna take German! damn school system won't let me
Mr. I'm so pretty (Kai) was hitting on hillary. some things
never change. i wish i were as pretty as she is. damn
james ditched me at lunch so he could hang out with
i got food thrown at me this morning while i was sitting
alone... complete crap. i didn't have the engery to throw
it back
and to top it all off Gab had to take my bus home and annoy
the hell out of me. she seems to do a good job at it.

2 good things that happened...
some girl said hi to me in the hall just because (i've
never met her before) she seems to show intrest in me.
possible friendship?
tom (spineshanktool) wrote me back. no one ever writes me
back. two such small things made me so much happier. i'm
too emotional sometimes.
(thanks tom for YOUR last entry =-)