Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-09-27 01:38:27 (UTC)


don't ask me ever why i'm nice all the time to everyone?
why i don't say to someone's face that i hate them... i
talk to the people i hate if they talk to me because i just
do... i don't complain about them behind thier backs other
than to say that i don't like them... i just keep it all
inside... that's what makes me so different from the
bitches who whisper and laugh at the people they don't
like... i keep it inside. i criticize everyone in my
thoughts... it makes me feel powerful... so, superior...
but i don't do it out loud because in the past when i have,
i've gotten in trouble... and i learn from my mistakes...

ce n'est pas horrible que je deteste tout la monde, mais
quand tout la monde me deteste, ce n'est pas bien.
La vie, je n'aime pas ca vie. Quand je allerais en France,
je voudrais etre contante. Je suis contante... je pense...

Je n'ecrit pas francais bien... je suis stupide.

~caroline j.