if you see jordan
2003-02-19 16:07:45 (UTC)

mixed signals

hes giving me mixed signals
sometimes he im's me right away and other times i have to
im him first. i know that means nothing, but when you have
a crush on someone it means everything!
well last night i got online and he put his away message
on. i know i know, its prolly nothing. i was gonna test
him by getting off and then getting back on to see if he
had taken it down and then put it back on when i got
on..but i didnt cause i gots kicked offline.

i dont know what my brother ate for breakfast, but he is
sooo hyper!! ahhh i had to do his homework with him and he
could not sit down and concentrate, well he did, and then
he'd get upset, and then it ended up taking us sooo long to
do that homework!

yesturday was so awesome!!! me and chels went outside with
her lil sister--lol interesting experience that was. but
the boys were all having a snowball fight so we decided to
bring julia back inside and go and join the fight. michele
was very happy cause she had been wanting to talk to steve
since the summer time. haha so they built a fort thing and
then me, michele and steve talked for like a half and
hour. he went inside and said that he would be right
back..cept we went inside for a sec too, came out and he
wasnt out there. it was too damn cold so i went inside and
so we have off today!!! which surprised me cause i
definately didnt think we'd get off again but i was so
happy that we did!

okay well i'm out

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