The Monotony of it All
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2001-09-27 01:15:42 (UTC)

go figure

aaaaaah the never-ending vehicular saga....i might as well
face the fact that i'll never get a car....i can't get a
car without a cosigner or $2000 down and in order for me to
do that i would need to kiss a lot of ass....and if there's
one thing you want to know about's I KISS NO ONE'S
ASS!!!!!!! so i'm's pretty bad when you
come to expect disappointment in your life...i have 2 last
options to take....after that all hope is lost and i'll be
walkin everywhere i what else is new....not like
anyone in my family would at least OFFER to help me....god
forbid...and the fact that work gets more frustrating
everyday doesn't's once scenario:
while reviewing a borrower's file at work, i notice that
they are buying a $185,000 house...i say good for's the thing, these people were living in a
trailor on some property in the middle of nowhere, and in
order to have the assets required to finance their loan,
they had to sell their TRACTOR and 3 you tell me how these people can
finance a $185,000 house and pay NO CLOSING COSTS, and i'm
having trouble fincancing an $8000 car with no
downpayment???????????????? how messed up is that?