"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-09-27 01:14:14 (UTC)

not good day

well first went ok. in second went very bad we had a quiz
and i did notstudy the right thing and didnt study for long
i forgot to write it down and just tollay forgot about it.
I made a 37. That is like way bad for me i dont think i
have ever made that low before. But i guess i will have to
make that up nobody got that good of a grade but just a
few. this girl I think her name erin and she made a 25 and
she is suppose to be really smart plus she is like in the
11 or something i think. So i done bad but it was with a
LOT of people. 4th went pretty good even though Tiffani
was not there. It could have been better it wasnt the same
lets put it that way. I thought and we were suppose to
have a sectional today but Tiffani had a SGA meeting so we
didnt. I was going to ask Tiffani to go to the fair with
me. When i was giving her one of my pictures i was like( I
dont even thing I made the back of the pic look good I'm
sorry if oyu want i will add) i need to ask or talk to you
i dont even remember what i said i was so nerveous and this
is not like me but i choke it out and she said possibly and
i was hoping yes come be yes. But it was no and i felt bad
until she told me why and that was hse had to work. So it
was ok and it made me feel good when she said I'm sorry and
gave me a hug so maybe we could go another time i hope so
but if not thats kool i will just have to see what
happens. Then at practice I sat but i listened to coach
and by the way he talks we are going to have a game ahead
of us tomorrow. I wish so bad i could play. I dont want to
take any chances though on getting hurt worst. By the way
that stupid Jennifer girl hit me right in the spot that is
hutr and i felt it if I could have hit her i would not of
but if it was a guy i would have tried but it would have
hurt to so matt hit her i dotn think it was hard but it
hurt me and i would have gave her a picture to be nice. I
just did not have anything to cut it with one of my friends
wanted one earlier and i sadi find some sciorrors if you
want one and she did. By anyway jennifer said rip it and
i did not want to rip my picturs you know what i mean.
they were pretty good to i think not the best but good.
wel i have had a pretty good day any way so i guess i am

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