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2001-09-27 00:47:46 (UTC)

I wish T would leave me alone!

Today was a shitty day again. Why is every day shitty with
me? It doesnt seem like anything i read in those books help
me. Or atleast I can't apply it to anything. Whenever a
situation arises all the positive affirmations fly out of
my head. Where do they go from there? I dunno..i guess
where all the missing money and socks are kept. Anyway. T
came in the store around 9:30 this morning and stayed
alllllll day. I think he just wanted to wait around for his
check. I dont feel like I get anything done with him
watching over my shoulder. It took me forever just to get
the novelty order written up. He kept interrupting me for
stupid shit. I miss my old super. He was much cooler.
anyway as usual after the weekend from hell and then making
up, me and r got in another fight today. About getting a sorry but i have a cat..if that dog does a damn
thing to my kittie i will kick the dog to the curb! I dont
like cruelty to animals but my cat is like my child.
Tomorrow TH comes in to have lunch and replenish token
supply. I like talking to him. I feel like he is a true
friend altho sometimes i wonder if his intentions are
true...if ya know what i mean. I wish me and r could sit
down and just talk. or go outside and look up at the stars
without him grabbing my tits or ass. I feel molested
sometimes...not by him personally but by someone. I need
some friends. I am lonely. But yet whenever anyone asks me
to do anything I always just go home and shut myself in my
house and veg. Wulp,, gotta go check rest of mail..b