my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-02-19 13:06:20 (UTC)


its 8:06. am. ive been up since about 6:45. i had to get
liz on the bus. after wards i decided to read my comic
online. so i did. now im starving so i think im gonna eat
cereal with marshmallows:) yummy. ok. i just thought id
write something in here. friday ill write more because
friday ill be at my moms on the computer in My room. ok! so
untill friday i am leaving this short. ok lol.
p.s. after i eat i am either exercising then sleeping or
sleeping the exercising(once i wake up again.) I AM GETTING
TIRED! i was wired this moring i wasn't tired but sitting
still at the computer fixes that... but u see i can't go to
sleep hungry so im eating then going to sleep then waking
up and exercising because its not healthy to exercise right
after youve eaten. but then i thought sleeping after eating
gives u nightmares. lol. whatever bring them on.

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