Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-02-19 12:38:11 (UTC)

Hey Hey its wednesday

yes i am gunna keep writing in this its gunna be my
release to the world

yet again another boring day work at 6:30 then after
brecky i when home back to sleep woke up back to work
normal day in all cases

just looked in the mirror god damn i need another shave
probably something most diarys don't have in it but get
over it you are looking at this

you will enevitivly find out that although i am probably
the most normalist peron getting about i am weird i do
weird shit

this is just one of my most dumbest ideas doing this diary
but oh well

if anyone wants to learn something about me just ask i
will only be happy to tell u all about it

for my last comment ambers a honey and so is becky but i
know nothing will ever happen so i am just saying if you
read this i love yous all and always will have a good one

signing off

micky boy

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