DayDream Believer
2003-02-19 11:39:04 (UTC)

Need to tell someone about MrLoverboy

MrLoverboy = the nick name I made up for Miguel before I
knew his name (I was 15)
I need to tell someone about what happend today, but I cant
since I never told anyone about Miguel except from Samuel
and now he`s dead. I keept him a secreet from everyone even
Kelly and Cessy.

Today me and Cessy was walking in tha mall next to our
school in lunch, she had to go to a minibank to take out
some cash. There was a que with the cash machine in the
hall so we went to the one inside the bank. I stod next to
her when I sow him, Miguel was sitting on a sofa waiting
for his turn and he was holding his eyes a little boy
aboutt 1,5 years old who was walking a bit in front of him
on the floor. Then he took thim up on his knees. It must
have been his soon, he has a soon!
I dont think a man who was babysitting someone elses child
would look on the child with such love, I was so happy for
him. We smiled, didnt exchange a word, I hope to see him
soon agen, maybe I could ask him then.

But it make sense, the toy`s oytside his house, the child`s
mother might have a nother older child ( the small bicycle,
why he quit training for a half year (5 times a week takes
a lot of time, he was probobly helping with the baby)

I was happy for him, but sad in the same time, not verry
sad thought. I hope he is happy thought and that he and the
mother are tougether. I feel so werid , upset but happy
and peacfull in the same time, cant belive I just sow him
one hour ago. (have computer class now). Guess it`s time to
let it go.

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