Wings With Love
2001-09-26 23:41:36 (UTC)

The Death of the Twin Towers- September 11, 2001

The Death of the Twin Towers-
September 11, 2001

Just like any other day
People were passing by,
Saying, "Hi", or "Have a good day."

In and out,
around and about
by the Twin Towers near the bay.

The sun shined so bright,
as bright as can be.
The sky was so blue,
you would never disagree..
The blue in the flag
you would hope never die
Like the blue you see way up in the sky.

The clouds in the sky,
floated gently around
Just like the white stripes
in our flag that float gently
in each and every town.

Then all of a sudden
from out of nowhere
A plane passed by and gave everyone a scare
More than a scare, terror in fact
That plane slammed into the tower with a blast

Everything stopped
You could hear a pin fall
Then all of the people
the tall and the small,
started screaming and running
Where should they go?

The red was all that you could see
The red the other color from the flag you see
The red was the blast ,
and of the people who died
The red was the people hurt all inside
Physically, mentally hurting all over
They realized they needed to run for cover
Run to where?
They had no clue
They really didn't know what to do
Some started screaming and running away
Other's they went in the opposite way
Only to be hurt like the people on the plane
To be lost in the wreckage of the disaster that day

And then when they all thought it was all over
Another plane hit the other tower
Terror, panic no words too explain
Was there a way to make a gain?
A gain on your life
A gain away from all of this strife

Then all of a sudden
it seemed only seconds
The tower came tumbling down.
Down to the ground,
covering the people who tried to scramble around
Running to find a safe place to hide
But there was no safeness not even inside

All of those people who lost their lives
Lost to the tragedy,
All of the husbands and wives.
Died in the catastrophe

The children will ask,
Where is my Mom?
And then they will ask,
“Where is my Dad?”
What do you say to the helpless ones?
Nothing except, “I’m sorry dear little daughter and son.”

And now that the tragedy is over and done,
what do we do with all that’s left undone?
What do we say?
“I’m sorry,” I think.
Its the only word that will sink.
Sink inside your heart and soul
And hope that everything will be told.

Its sad, but its true
this world will go on
The memories will linger on.

The sun will still rise,
the blue will appear.
The clouds will still float,
where there once was fear.
And when the night comes,
and we all fall asleep
the white stars will come out and lull us to sleep.