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2003-02-19 08:55:02 (UTC)


k so its 3:30 in the morning and i should be sleeping but
im not...hmmm...i just ate 4 pickles...they were good and
salty...i can already feel my cholesterol going up...feels
good nothing major to write not that
horny today which is a plus...considering me the past week
im quite tame today...masturbation no more..."mommy say
camerll too highggh, no daddddy no gay you pufh words in
my mouf"...i watched the good girl tonight with the fine
mrs. brad pitt and thought it was great...alex hated it
but that's because it was too much for his little
brain..aww poor guy don't worry here's a treat go fetch
(throws a mint cookie) oh your such a good dog oh daddy
likey you no NO NO put your little red pecker away and
stop humping my leg STOP STOP dear lord...umm my rooms a
disaster and im excited to sleep a normal nights starting to get nervous for Jo's movie shoot on the cinematographer and we have NOTHING
prepared so its gonna be rush rush rush like paula abdul
on speed...but i can handle shes getting me
drunk after the shoot so yay!...i have to set up the set
on thursday for her film so it'll be fun...we'll bake
cakes and talk about things past!...sigh...ah well hey
guess what today i pulled my foreskin all the way back in
the shower when my penis was soft and it felt good!!! it
made me late for school...i was in there for like 20 extra
minutes just having water run down my penis with the head
uncovered...its like i found a new toy...i love penis
heads!!! its still a little ultra sensitive but that's ok
because daddy like it ya daddy what else? im
thinking i should be a gay porn star...hold on wait oh
that's right my body sucks flabbiness and my penis
foreskin won't retract and my penis is not 10 inches
long...that's ok i'll be the gay porn director...mmm porn
argagragahgahag...and i watched 24 was
good...made me wet...k love ya peeps of the world and
beyond...but i don't wanna go just yet...i wanna write
something special for everyone...i call it "La Vie en
Renzo Pamplemousse" (throws magical confetti dust that
makes ding ding sounds)

Mon Ami!
Voulez-vous mon crayon?
Ah no!
Bestia di merde!
Wilkommen to my dick!

(wipes sweat from forehead and wipes it on alex's face)

Dear Jackie Collins
why have you forsaken me
with your heavyhanded dramas
and mamas from the bahamas
i would like to know
just how the story goes
because i think its time
that me and you
you and me
created some history

here is my last verse
natalie you got jonoton in your purse
and all i would like to say
excuse me if you may
is that i want some sex
with lube in excess
so alex from russia your temporarily best
oh yes yes that's semen on your chest!

thanks and good night...


p.s. alex touched my pubes tonight as well as my old
crusty semen...he then proceeded to lick his hand...i
swear to god its the truth if he denies it i got the
evidence to back it up...charlotte won't lie!

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