Diary?, how about Journal
2001-09-26 23:30:55 (UTC)

Today was a Good day, i guess..

Hey, me again. Obviously..¿
well, i gotta tell yuh, if my life seems boring its because
im not going to say everything that happens, for the main
reason I do not trust the internet, or anyone using it. Any
info. can be put back to anyone so screw that. Anyways,,
That alternative measrues sh*t ( i think i talked about
before) was delayed a week. I mean, WTF? My mom asked if it
could be delayed till OCtober till my dad got home, and
they said NO. But then they go and delay it till next week,
what kind of b/s is that? Well, its rotten b/s if you asked
me. What else..? Umm.. My Geography teacher frightenin that
sh*t outta me today. I was in class and she asked me
(almost at the end of the period) if i had ever meet the
principal. I was like "no" and then she asked if i had
talked to the vice principal. I again said "no..why?" and i
asked if i was in trouble or something..she paused and was
like "No, not particularly" and then sent me on my way.
What the HeLL??? Now shes got me worried. Aww well..i can;t
remember doing anything wrong, so F-em. lol

well, thats all for now, Peace