lost in the dark
2001-09-26 23:30:27 (UTC)

Sitting in the dark eating supper....

Man, I can't believe it I have lived in this new
apartment for over 2 weeks now. I like it, just wish that
some of my friend would seem interested in seeing the
place. I have had only two of my frinds over and that was only
because that they helped me move in. I know that I don't have all
that much money to spend on the place and there is only enough chairs
for two people to sit. It sorta brings down the feeling that the
only person that I can expect to see in the apartment is myself in
the mirror when I am Brushing my teeth or just getting out of the
shower. Personnally, what that feels like inside this head or heart
(depending on your way of thinking)of mine is that people don't
really care to see where I am living now. I have invited over others
just to see the place, but to no prevail they had other plans. I know
that they will try thier best to help me out in tight situtions. I
know this because I have been tested already this summer on who I can
probly count on for help when it comes down to the grim of things. I
just wish that they would say I would like to come over for a beer or
something. Friends can be alittle funny sometimes.

lost in the dark...

Coffee anyone...