jon's babie forever
2001-09-26 23:29:14 (UTC)

A Very Strange Coincidence

*~ Thanks again Diana for feedback!! :D ~*

At school I have Dance instead of PE, and guess what. There
is a girl in my class who looks almost exactly like Shanna.
I'm not kidding. If I hadn't taken a closer look at her I
would have thought she WAS her! It's really weird.

Everything about her is the same as Shanna. She has the
glasses, the hair and even the braces! I know I keep
repeating myself but it is really weird. Her name is Sarah,
and her name starts with the same letter as Shanna's! The
only evidence I have that they are not sisters is that
their last names are different. I think they might be

Sunday I'm going to ask Shanna about it. Cuz I just wanna

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