Stream of Consciousness
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2003-02-19 07:13:54 (UTC)


C is kinda pissing me off. the last thing i want is to
have a real time conversation with the dude about my
projects. email is fine "you need to rewrite it" *send*
boom its done. no hello's how are ya's. damn. but anyway, i
got my triangle program written. not a big fan of these
mulitple loop programs that relay on a good nights sleep
and a healthy mind just to attempt, but hay! its all part
of the hurdl;es. ive had 4 programming courses in the run
of my life, ive written programs similar to this a hundred
times, but hey, new course new day right? damnit! i wish i
never had to write the triangle program again. what
practical use could learning how to manipulate loops in
such a way as to produce a triangle out of *'s have anyway.
enough bitching about that.
im feeling the best right now that i have felt in a very
long time. things are good, people are good, and she is no
longer a concern of mine. she has become someone else. she
is no longer the girl i fell in love with those many years
ago. sure she is still hot, but hay, there are plenty of
other hot girls out there, and at least they know who they
are. she has changed, maybe that really is who she is now,
either way i dont like it and i dont like her.
im ready for a change, a change of town, a change of
pace, a change of people, and a change of female. i cannot
wait until the fall. this must be what all my friends felt
like towards the end of senior year when they would stop
talking about the schools they were going to go to, and i
put my head down so as not to be asked the same question. i
feel great. all i need now is someone to feel great with
me. im out

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