2001-09-26 23:20:11 (UTC)

whats it all about anyway

this is basically a place for me to come to write down
all the freaky shit that I encounter from time to time. It
may not be much at all but something that I thought was
worth noting that I normally wouldnt come across. I'm doing
this to keep a record of all the messed up shit that can
freak with you.

with that in mind I already have a small one to mention.

I am a fan of professional wrestling...the other night I
wake up and i'm not feeling well, so I stumble out of bed
to go watch some tv....i glance up at the clock and the
time is 3:16. In wrestling terms that's a reference to
Austin 3:16 which any wrestling fan would know. Come to
think of it he got it from a biblical reference which I
havent even tried to connect it too. Anyway I thought that
was pretty coincidental that it was 3:16. Then I go
downstairs, turn on the tv and wrestling is on...that kinda
freaked me out more. End of that part.

Today I went into the bedroom again after work to do
something or other, look over at the clock, I'll be damned
if it's not 3:16 again(in the afternoon this time) so there
you go. I dont ever remember seeing the time 3:16 on a
clock that I've taken notice of and now twice within a
couple of days I've seen it twice. Nothing major, just
coincidence...but this is what this journal will be all