2001-09-26 23:16:14 (UTC)


Well I still don't know what's up with that guy. First
chance I had to call him was Monday. He seemd really happy
to talk to me. I could tell he was way tired so I asked him
if I should let him go. He appologized profusley and said
yes and to call him tommorow. I called him again the next
day and he was so happy to hear from me and we talked until
he ran out of things to say. He appologized again and said
he would call me tonight. It's like he's happy to be around
me and to talk to me but I still don't have concrete. I
mean I can go by what was happening before and what
happened on Saturday night was good and he is happy to talk
to me. It's not like he's avoiding me or on the phone just
saying uh huh uh huh yeah. I'm trying to also factor in
that he's shy with girls and especially shy with girls on
the phone. So we'll see.

I have a driving test tommorow. Part of my is releievd that
I finally get to go again but I am worried. My glasses are
broken and with my luck they will fall off and I'll be
failed for that, or jsut for the fact that they could fall
off. Also, no one has bothered to drive with me. Last time
I had been in my car like crazy. Now it's been over a month
since I have really driven. That's going to hurt. I told
Susan that we needed to leave early so I could drive a
while but she can never get things together. With my luck
we wont even be on time let alone have time to drive.

School is going ok. I'm doing pretty good in my classes. I
am worried about my history test. It's three really hard
essays and I haven't a clue where to start. My biggest
challenge right now is procrastination.

Looks like I'm quitting one of my jobs. I am so over it and
I really need the time to get caught up with things. Not to
mention it looks like I have a man coming into my life =)