Life in PingPong's Day
2001-09-26 23:13:07 (UTC)


Remember my dad's truck hit the wall? Well some guys are
fixing the dent it got;those guys mow the lawn for the
people next door,so thats great!but there chareg $120 while
car places would at $500..
School sucks :(
Hollys ex is crazy..she's scard that he and his mom are
going to break into her other house and steal things
because his mother and him are calling that house knowing
they aren't there,her stepdad thinks there testing to see
if anyones there.
Holly I think was about to ask me if I wanted to talk to
after school with her friends,which is good.

I'm not spending my money because my dad said since he got
the truck he has to pay lots of monthly payments on it and
I want to buy a Guitar,I have 47 and each week I get $10 if
I don't eat my lunch. 14 weeks till that
is..about $187. maybe more since my mom gives me money once
in awhile,I don't know if I'll have the money to buy
one..if not I'll buy new clothes.

On Yahoo!Auctions some are &36 but it's a Electric,well yes
I would like one of those but first i need to learn how to
play it,so the other one cost that I like is $145,I think
the other one is less because it's bad. Some even cost $5.

Well I'll have to see at the store but I need about $150 if
not i'll buy it later about Jan. or even Feb. :(