Kyden Conformity

self destruction introduction
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2001-09-26 23:08:04 (UTC)


My head feels like it's full of cotton wool today. I spent
last night in a drunken haze with my friend Janelle, that's
what we do together, drink.
On Monday I went out with Steph we roamed round the city
with a limited amount of alcohol (so I wouldn't get too
drunk) and broke into an abandoned building which looked
like a big scary concrete church. It was so neat we're so
earnest about it. As I type this I'm hoping Steph will
She spent the night with me and on Tuesday I did my best to
make her happy and behave myself. I sometimes feel very
compassionate towards her position, solo mother on limited
amount of money and also attending university. I think I
need to keep it in mind.
We had sex a lot, I think it's good for our relationship -
not that it's based on sex..but rather it reinforces some
form of security that I have a really desire to feel.
She is so extremly attractive.
It makes me sad knowing that our relationship can't last -
due to outside reasons.

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