Reality Bites
2001-09-26 23:01:10 (UTC)

My exciting afternoon

Hey- Well, I still haven't done my history essay, but I've
been working on my extra credit for bio. Jenn called me
today, she was home too. So we talked for awhile about
homecoming, and people in our class and stuff. I really
love her, she's SUCH a sweetheart! She and BrEndan are so
cute together. (different from my friend BrAndon...aka B)
I'm going to homecoming with my friend Rob. It'll be fun,
cause Rob and I always have tons of fun.

I called B, b4 I took a shower and he was soo funny. I was
asking him about his day and stuff-he tells the most
hallarious storys. He's going to Katie's volleyball game
today, and I was like, I wanna go! But my mom said no, and
I don't blame her cause I'm still hella sick. So B wants me
to go with him to Jack's this weekend, and I totally want
to. We all know if I go to Jack's I'll end up hooking up
with him, and right now that's fine with me! I like Jack a
little, but after all we went through last year, I don't
trust him. But I'd be up for a hook-up (or as B says get my
kiss what a dork!). I really miss B, I haven't
hung out with him since June, but we talk on the phone at
least 3 times a week. I think he's gonna be visiting me
soon, he hinted to it.

I need to call Carli, she called my cell phone last night,
but I was asleep. She's going through some crisis or
something. She's soo cool, we have so much fun together. I
need to hook her up with someone from my school, cause
she's gone through the guys at her school that are worth
dating lol. I was gonna hook her up w/ Mikey, but oh no,
not gonna go there anytime soon. She's too cool for him...

Oh my god. Last night John called me, now I know lots of
Johns, so we're gonna label this one.....John S. Ok so he
and I were friends last year a little and then he started
to like me and I did not feel the same, he was cute and
nice, but a little obsessive, he asked me to prom and all
this shit, but I said I couldnt cause of my mom. (Which
wasn't true, but it worked cause he's 3 yrs. older than me)
He was like callin me babe and sweetie and asked me out. I
was like, "I'm sorry, you know I don't feel that way about
you.." I felt terrible, but at least I was completely
honest. So thats all about that for now.

Really quickly about Jesse O: He's 15, but a grade behind
me. He's also my really good friend's
Anyways, I totally think he's a babe. And we flirt all the
time, but he has a gf. It's kinda sad really, but whatever.
He's so hot! We have tons in common-more than him and his
gf, but whatever. I'm so not about breaking people up, so
I'll just see what happens when they break up on their own.
Ok, I'm gonna go straighten my hair, so I'll write later or
tomarrow or something!