Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-26 22:58:24 (UTC)

What an ASSHOLE.... so many HOTTIES...what do I do?

Christian is an ass... I do not like COCKY stuck up men!
grrrr and he so is!!!!!! I hate that in men. Plus he kept
trying to FOCE me to suck him off. I enjoy it, but not when
I don't liek the guy or when he forces me. FUCK THAT!

OMG last night was kick ass. I talked to these two OMG
hotties. LOL. Yeah I get them a lot lately. Well this guy
bryan is a model.. wooohooo and he gave me his number, so I
talked to him for a while.
Then this guy Mikel who is a hottie asked me out, so who
knows. I told him I would LOVE to go out with hima nd he
said he would call me in a few minutes, but he never did =(
It made me sad. Oh well. Hopefully I will hear from him
again soon =) hehe

I talked to Ian too!!!!!!!!!!!! YES MY SEXY MAN! hehe. We
talked for about 30 minutes. Then He had to go, so I said I
would call him back, but the area code he gave me was the
wrong one. =( So I couldn't... It sucked.

Well I'm sick and I have a HUGE headache!!!!

See ya!