2001-09-26 22:56:26 (UTC)

Randy again

another grand story for today. it all starts out by Does he
like me or no. i can't tell like last night i was going to
merrill from thorpe the all boys dorms and he was like hey
want to go to the snack shop with me. and it was cool great
convo then we went to meijers and we fought over who has
read more books then the other. it was cute then i was
telling him about how i listend to the lit cd all the way
to chicago and back i listened to one song the whole way
back. four! great great song. Well anyways today is my
friend drews 20th b-day and i asked if he was going since
the boys he is fighting with arn't going and he says no.
well then he goes are you going to stop by and i said i
don't know. and then he goes well i hope i see you later
then bye. how cute. i hate him. i like him. i just don't
know. well on to anthore subject. andrea my friend is
becoming a straight out whore. like bad. she mad out with 3
guys in one day. thats sick. how can you be like that and
she thinks its cool. i just want to tell her to stop!!!!
well any ways i silled my whole life storie to my friend
chris and now he understands me much better! nice guy i
wish i liked him like that! but good news but bad i met
this really cute boy named dan and he was flirting with me
it was cute. bad news you know it girls....he has a girly
friend! well i guess my friend andrea says it doesn't
matter with him. but thast just so mean. i just could never
do that to a girl. because i know how i would feel. well i
am about to go eat out for my friends b-day! reall food!
not dorm food! well i will fill you in later.