sTePh'S wOrLd
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2003-02-19 05:36:21 (UTC)

Third Watch

I just got done watching Third Watch, it's a really good show, w/ some hot paramedics/firemen in it. As it turns out my V-day wasn't all that bad. I had a pretty good time, stayed over my friends and watched a few dvd's. I seen Snatch and Vanilla Sky. Snatch was kinda weird, but the other one was good. I'm about to eat some pizza in a minute and then go hop in the shower. Hop? What am I a freakin bunny, ha ha. Mandy had her first doctor's appt. today, it went well. Oh, I guess that Chris got arrested, so he's in jail. I found out on Friday and I'm very upset
about it. He really needs to straighten his ass out. Anyways, I'm sure whoever may be reading this is pretty bored by now. Yeah, I lead an exciting life, not really.

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