Life as I know it.
2001-09-26 22:39:35 (UTC)

see your high and lonesome

Well lindsay still hasnt called, but i dont expect her to.
She is being dumb.

Im still late, i swear i have PMS and im so worried that i
might be pregnant, and what did i do the other night?
Slept with Matt. Cause yeah, im dumb like that.

I went out with Lara last night at midnight cause she is
officially21 now. Lucky girl i wish i were 21 again, but
no im 22 and its all downhill. seriously it is. We're
going out again tonight, hopefully that will be fun. And
friday Ryan is throwing a house party which will be fun
cause they play the greatest music, i.e. punk.

I also have my coffee date thingy tomorrow which im
actually gonna go thru with. Chris is a nice kid, emo and
indie too which is always a bonus. I love emo boys they
make my word go round.

Its so fucking cold I cant stand it, where oh where is my
summer warmth?