the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
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2001-09-26 22:09:06 (UTC)

PLLEEAASSEEE HEELLLPPPPP - how can i get him 2 ask me out?!?!? lol

mood - frustrated
music - hollllyywooodd lalalalalalla hoolllyywwoooodddd

hiya every1, yes i know its a badddd song but its goin
round in my had lol

im still tryin 2 work out how 2 make the guy ask me out - i
knoew he fanies me well i hink he does im 99% sure, but i
just wanna know how 2 get him 2 ask me out...lol how vcan i
flirt with him so that he will ask me out? saccorin 2 my
mates i do flirt eith him but i dont think i am...plllzzz
help meeeee evry1 plz msg me any ideas u have lol, i might
just tell him i fancy him and let it happen wn it happens
(if it happens)


byyee luv tiggeress