My Reality
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2003-02-19 03:54:36 (UTC)

boys who dont call...

you all suck ass!!! serious one of the easiest ways to
piss me off is to tell me you are going to call and then
like a fucking week later i hear from you...whats the deal
with have a date on friday, you get up and leave
on monday, tell me i will hear from you on sunday, and then
oh look its fucking tuesday and not a god damn word, oh
sure ill hear from you sooner or later and youll just act
like its no big deal...its a fucking big deal to
me...either say youll try and call me or fucking surprise
me but jesus i swear if i hear you say youll call me one
more time and you dont actually do it, i am going to give
you my exact opinion of how crappy i think that
is...honestly i dont think ill be this nasty cause i really
like you but fuck it all steve, pay attention, if you say
you are going to call just call, i mean even if its to say
im sorry i really dont have time to talk, that would be
cool, god i feel like the meanest person in the world for
saying all of this, but is it really something i should
feel bad for..this is his short coming and i feel like a
big bitch because i feel i should point out that it makes
me mildly unahppy...oh well, feeling bad or not, he should
know, and either he will change that or he will get pissed
off and leave me, either way, ill get my point across and
wont have to deal with this shit any more....crap, i dont
mean that, i like him i really do and want to keep seeing
him, i know he is really really busy, two jobs and school
its gotta be a lot of stuff, but still, i just miss getting
to talk to him, i want to be sweet to hear and hear him be
sweet to me, he is really a good guy, just work on it
please baby