malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-02-19 03:47:26 (UTC)

Guess what?

this is the first time i've ever had an on-line diary... i
write in a journal everyday and am not quick to show my
mind to others. but a friend convinced me to give it a try,
so here it goes,


silly image,
dark and beautiful...
you that make me aware of the ACID
pulsing through my veins
as you draw near...
you who delight
in haunting me
while concsiousness resorts to
the worlds about our feet...
you, who i bend my every
image of love toward-
but your eyes are closed
to me, and i love in vain
1.5 years and waiting
for you to open your eyes
and know me...
in my feverish sanctuary of guilt...