Reality Check
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2001-09-26 21:25:39 (UTC)

i'm so happy

tomorrow i'm off groundation! aah! i am so happy. and
friday me and jimmy are going to the game togetha and then
after we're goin to the allie. i am so happy. jimmy is
crazy. i love him so much. but i have a feeling that my
love's gonna be tested with adam. adam....man...i like him a
lot. casey was talkin wit him and casey was like, you know
casey perry? adam was like, yea yea, you live by her? casey
was like yea. you should come down and chill wit her some
time. and adam was like, yea, i could make a little somethin
somethin outta that. oh my lord. i don't know. i want him
so bad, he is so cute and so sexy and sweet. he's like my
best friend. i just don't know. and he don't know i gots a
boyfriend, so if he tries anything with me i don't know if
i'm gonna be able to stop him and tell him i can't be wit
him. i guess that's how i'll find out how much i love jimmy.