humming bird

my F***ed up head
2003-02-19 03:37:24 (UTC)

its just a lil crush

yeah so i'm still with stevo and im happy with him but i
wish we werent like dating and that we were a thing so i
could be free to do stuff with whoever- like ken- i know im
so bad but ken is so cute and he seems so girl shy and i
think that is way cute but its just a crush but i am so
freaked out that nikkis gonna start liking him and even tho
i know i dont get him i dont want one of my friends to get
him ya know its just i know that i cant have stevo as my bf
and ken as my consolation prize but there r just like
moments that i could see me and ken together and being like
a couple , its just like i cant stnad having one guy- it
pisses me off cuz i se so many i want and the fact that i
know icant have em is what makes me want them...ugh i gota
figure something out