SuGaR RuSh
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2003-02-19 03:08:02 (UTC)

pacific coast party

we havent has school in 5 days...includein the
weekend.....its so great i worked 2 nite..blah
blah......but kenny is comming but tim is sold out :
( n boop have our sr. trip planned out...its
gunna b sooo f'n crazy lol...i cant wait 4 vacation......i
hate the snow.....i can wait 2 leave this place and go live
on the beach...but it does kinda suck cuz where i wanan go
2 skool is like in ny and like its in the MTs i think so
ya thats gunna b filled w/ oh well....i gotta
pick my classes 4 next far i have english nav food
service and i think i mite take psy of writin.
graphic des2..and i dunno if i wanna take modern or classic
art connections...they seam kinda kool... i realllllly
gotta piss...i need 2 c kenny..keith is w/ him...oh lordy i
just mite die well uh ya im gunan go...ill write later

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