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2001-09-26 21:06:02 (UTC)


Hey, not too much happened again today. Things are realy
weird betw. me and Kyle because we are both mad at
eachother so.. we dont really talk anymore and I try my
hardest to avoid him, it kinda makes me sad cuz we use to
chill and stuff. O well.
Last night I had this weird dream. I was In my brothers
room but it was my room .. (hard to explain) and Bruce came
in and layed on my bed and started crying.He told me that
his grandpa died and that now his grandpa wont ever be able
to see his new car. I felt bad and moved over to give him a
hug but he turned away and as i sat there he turned over
and kissed me! It was a short kiss but then when he turned
back around it was Chris. Then Chris took me to to my
spanish class and walked me thru this carnival type thing..
he kept telling me how great i was and yadda yadda yadda
but the thing that made me so happy was that he sincerely
liked me. Not too much happened after that that i remember.
It was one of thoes dreams that you just dont want to wake
up from.. when i got up all i wanted to do was go back to
sleep because i felt so much better. It sucks that Bruce
wont ever kiss me or that Chris wont ever ask me out. I
mean maybe its for the better, because maybe me and chris
or me and bruce just arent right for eachother? But i think
that the dream i had told me i still like the both of them.
Im mad because Chris is going out with some skank freshman
and Bruce is scared of comitment or so ive heard. Geez .. I
wish i could like someone other then the two of them, but i
I dont like my mom or dad much right now. She read my
note and thinks im going to drink or something because
thats what i was supposed to do today with John and Ben and
Alonna but what she dosent know is that ive never drunk
before, and that id rather have diet coke. But i just love
how she assumes that i will. ugh fuck her.
My Grandpa is pissing me off. He is getting re-married
and my grandma hasent even been dead for a year now. I
havent heard a lot of good things about Carol (his bitch)
lol but i havent met her yet. She is nothing like my
grandma though and since my grandma was like my second mom
and no one can replace her .. i dont like anyone whos
willing to try. No way .. im mad.
Other then that nothing is new. Im so bored I have
cheerleading in 15. I will write to u later if i can.