Cosmic Rain
2003-02-19 02:55:52 (UTC)

What A Load Of Non Picked Up Rubbish

Well that was a tad bit of a buggeroonies. The sole purpose
of putting the bin out the night before around here is
because the garbage truck usually and mostly comes around
6.30am, at latest by 9am. So being it passed 12pm and me
going out to check the mail I also brought the bin back in.
It felt light. I had a peek in. There were a couple of bags
in the bottom. I thought "GROSS" they must be stuck. I
don't wanna know about em. Hopefully they can be unstuck by
next rubbish day and go out. Well bugger me rubbishy bags
about 30mins after I did the bring back in the Garbage
truck rocks up and zooms straight passed our place and onto
the next cause our bin wasn't out there. So Matty Poo will
be impressed that his late night bin taking out just didn't
quite go to plan, cause I buggered it up by bringing it
back in. *Ooops* Ahh ze well, we'll try it again next week.

It must be Helicopter Ho Down around here today. 5 have
flown over already fairly low and two looked like army
style ones and were flying together and low that our front
windows shook. So I have no idea and prolly I never will
know why. These things happen continously and you never
find out why. Kinda like the woman that was behind us in a
car once and was tooting madly and waving and it was
friendly tooting we believe. Cause we had done nothing
wrong. We were just a simply driving. But was wave wave
tootity toot toot. And we didn't know who the fuck she was.
And the silly woman didn't realise that he was tooting at
someone she didn't really know who the fuck was either. But
she passed us, as we pulled into the shops still waving and
tooting. And I still believe to this day it was friendly.
Not enemy fire and harassment. Well ya never do know and I
think that was the point I was making. I'll never know why
this crazy arsed woman was waving and tooting.

I seriously thought Vicki was on TV last night that I
nearly keeled over right there on the spot. I entered Bren
in the Mini Celebrity Race on Rove Live and they did the
ring around last night to pick some people. Well the second
person they rang was some woman. And she sounded "normal"
whatever that means, UNTIL she said she was lying upon her
bed and not wearing much and that she wanted to enter the
race, cause she's INSANE!!! OK!!! So we announce that live
over the phone don't we now. But I had an instant visual of
Vicki and it nearly spoilt the night totally. I just don't
even want to imagine Vicki in the Mini Celebrity Race.
She'd ask if she could ride a scooter instead and could the
race be shifted, cause she wants to get to Ikea before it
closes. Brrrrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrrr! And I been bitch slapping
Vicki too much of late, but I can't help it. She provides
such juicy material sometimes.