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2003-02-19 02:30:59 (UTC)


Damn I'm pissed... So i am checking my e-mail and i
am deleting all of them cause i read all the ones i
thought were actually for me and not crap mail, and for
some reason this e-mail caught my eye that said "So i hear
you like me" and i thoguth for a few seconds and opened
it. It was Kristi, better known to you as the black haird
girl. Now if you remember, i might have said something
or afew things bad about her, but i wasn't exactly
sober. Someone had printed it out and gave it to her.
Imagine it from her side, she reads somehting about a guy
that wants to talk to her, and was talking about breaking
it off between her and her boyfriend, and all that, it may
seem obsessive, but to you that have been readign it know
that i just have seen her everywhere and thinks she's
pretty. Well i call her and pretty much straighten things
out. But I can't blaim her for thinking im weird, i mean,
it loosk real bad on me, especially how those stupid girls
made it look. Well, I'm sorry to her and still thinks
she's hot, haha. but she seems pretty cool. But DAMN,
talking about being embarassed. And i am NEVER
embarassed. but oh well, im goin up to her face and
talking to her tomorrow and see what's up. But i'm out, i
will tell u next time what happens, i gotta wait for her
to call me back haha.
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