Life, one day at a time
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2001-09-26 20:44:38 (UTC)

Day 1

Well, this is entry number one in my online
diary/journal/whatever you call it. I figure I might as
well state some things about myself here. My name is Cory.
I'm 17, reside in York PA(the nation's asscrack), and I'm
just one more teenager, leeching off society, making nothing
but excuses for old people to bitch about. My life consists
of drumming, eating, sleeping, driving, cruisin, and mocking
Speaking of driving, my car is a Ford Focus ZX3, in Autumn
Orange. I'm in the process of sporting it out. As of
today, all I have is a KICKASS system(3 8" MTX subs, each in
its own bandpass box, Sony amp, Alpine headunit), and just
some cosmetics, shift knob, steering wheel cover, fuzzy
dice, and whatnot. There are more things coming, but I need
money for that.
This journal will be an outlet of my feelings, so if you
read it, just let it go as what I'm feeling at that time and
don't take it too seriously. I'm not sure what else I
should put here, so I'll leave with a quote. "Life isn't
about hanging on to those you love, it's knowing when to let
go"-my own.