x failure by design x
2003-02-19 02:19:52 (UTC)

your so lame

* your face is so familiar and familiararity is the closest
thing to being home. its the only thing i know..
( yeah i dunno if familiararity is a word. lol)

* Theres a pain in my back much like a heartache
the puddle on the floor has dancing pictures of betrayle
i see ur reflection off the shiny metal..
this ones gone deep
its beggining to come through he other side
finish me off
push it all the way through
end this suffering
dont be a coward
u fingeprints are etched in the handle, ur already to blame
so finish this painful death
push the knife to an end..

* I've got a picture of you burned in my heart that even
the acid in my tears can't wash away

* expecting too much causes you getting less
expecting too little your always surprised
not expecting at all, your in love.