Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-26 20:39:22 (UTC)

Every 6 seconds !

Hey everyone !
Sup ?! Nothing much ! Today was totally kickin ! I got my
braces off ! So my teeth are perfect !!! :)! I got to sleep
in till like 8 ! thats 3 extra hours of sleep !!!!! :)!!!!
Talk about totally awesome ! I missed the first 4 hours of
school ! I came to school and had spanish, lunch, gym
class, and then English ! English is so easy ! I love it !
Cause we don't do like anything! Mrs. DeMeester is the
coolest! and guess what today in gym class the little thing
didn't beep at me ! :)! Well thats probably cause we
didn't even use them ! haha ! Hui and Grant kept tickling
me in gym ! Cause when I get poked in the side I squeak and
they think its so cute! haha! that was funny and what else
was funny is today in gym I wore the white skinny strap
shirt that I was wearing during the day ( under a pink long
sleeved shirt ! It was a cute outfit ) cause it has a built
in bra ! So yea and plus all we did was take notes for some
stupid quiz we have on Friday ! but thats another story !
Anyways back to the shirt thing ! I came out of the locker
room wearing that white tank top with the skinny straps and
white and navy pants! the shirt showed my stomach a little
and was tight and the pants went down so a you could kinda
see my panties ! I swear all the guys in gym stared ! It
was so funny ! I didn't notice it untill my friend Spencer
came up to me and she was like " omg all the guys were like
drooling when you came out of the locker room ! specially
them " and she pointed to some popular guys ! I was like
ICKY ! but like every 6 seconds I would look over at them
and catch there eyes and they would look away ! It was so
funny ! and I am not super skinny ! I am an average weight
but all my friends tell me I have a " big " chest ! but I
don't think I do ! LOL ! wow ok next topic!
Who has tests and quizes in gym class ?! I mean I
understand like physical tests like running or push ups
being timed but a written test !? Come on ! Get real ! What
idiot thought about having tests in gym like written ones !
Wow I mean we have some stupid people in this world !
What else happend ?! Hmmm nothing ! I have to babysit
tonight ! :)! I love little kids ! but its from 7-9:30 so
Adam if you are reading this get on around then so I can
talk to you ! :) ! Ok what else there was something else I
was going to tell you people ! hmm oh well if I think of it
I will tell you !
Todays quote is : " You may feel diappointed if you fail,
but you are doomed if you never try! "
Oh I remember what I was going to tell you ! My little
sister got these little 4" by 6" note bookes ! They are
pink and green ! Well she gave them to me ! SO I use one at
school to write my quotes in and the other one I use to
write her ! Each day I write her a note in it and I put it
in her back pack and then at lunch she reads it and they
rights back to me ! And when she gets home she puts it on
my pillow ! Its so cute ! Its like our sister notebook ! We
write in it and never talk about what is in it to anyone !
Our parents don't even no what we are doing! They
mostlikely wouldn't care but its so cute ! Its our little
sisterly bonding thing ! hehe ! OK I gotta bounce !
Love you all !