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2003-02-19 02:01:43 (UTC)

Long time no talk fuckah :/

Well long time no talkz. What up my nuyah. Well around
here nothing much had court today it was really boring
like all the rest of the other hundred court sessions.
Well thankfully this one was a short one and we got out at
9:30 and then went to Taco Bell cuz cuh was hungry and
craving Taco Ma Bell :x. Well me and my relationship with
the love of my life is going great we have our ups and
downs like everyone else but we always manage to work
things out. Got my report card today it was horribible.
Shame on me. Valentines Day was bubbalicious :). Well
Iunno what else to say ... my momz isnt back yet she been
gone since November... ummmmm Im happy :). Well iunno what
else to say so thats it holla!! I love you baby.