Chibi Kiara

Inside my head
2001-09-26 20:14:09 (UTC)

Two days

This is the the frist actully entry in the blessed thing!
As of right now I am sick.. Sick of what I have no clue
just sick! I got off of work early to come back there b/c I
left my mother-in-laws coat there to find every one talking
about me! That dosn't help with my moods that and Denny
told me that this is going to be a hard two year on the
both of us. Well no shit! I swear some men are just down
right stuipd! I have to work till 7:30 p.m. torrow night.
Wah hooo excuse me if I seem overly happy b/c I hate the
damn job and I have to work 5 year just to be able to think
about calling in a sick day! What the hell I am only 19 as
mif I want to work there that long! Oh well that is how
the cookie crumbs!