Sarah's Journal
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2001-09-26 19:49:38 (UTC)

working girl

Hey. I'm at work, not doing much, but I'm sure there will
be something to do soon. I can't sign onto IM, which
sucks. I had a sectional today. Blah. That is my one nad
only response. I have a whole big agenda for tonight,
including cleaning, laundry, and studying. Yay. Maybe this
weekend I will clean up my computer. Tomorrow should be a
fun day - it is the Friends season premiere and I am going
dancing with Nick and Missy (at Ernie's, which blows, but
oh well). All I can say is $1 ladies night and Sloe Gin
Fizz =) I can't find my glasses, so my eyes are strained
today. That is the first thing on my agenda, probably -
find my glasses so that I can see. I have also put some
relaxation/go to bed early time on my schedule. I hope it's
not raining, or at least that it's not raining at 5 when I
leave. It's bad enough that it's cold. For those of you
that don't have to see me today, you're lucky - I look
crappy and am out of it. i think that i am getting sick.
or a cold at least. I wouldn't be surprised - everyone
else seems to be coming down with something. Especially
Jenn, my roommate - I think she comes down with something
new every day. =( Alright, back to work. I guess. I'll
write more later, let you all know if I was successful in
the search for my glasses. my watch is gone too . . .
blah. bye.

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