listen to my silences
2003-02-19 01:32:36 (UTC)

continued rambling

i didn't go buy fish because the guy didn't call. and i
kind of got upset about it and then i realised hello this
is dumb. sara and i went to the phi tau party saturday
night and had a blast. it was a rave party, and we just
danced and let go. no one just danced with one person, we
all just danced alone or randomly go up to people or have
them come up to us and dance together. there was one time
where it was three guys with me and sara in between them
(guy girl guy girl guy). and no, jonathon, i did not make
out with anyone. after the party was over we stayed and
played ddr until four o clock in the morning. it was great!

it was a lot more fun than the sig ep party, i guess
because all the phi tau guys are really down to earth, and
they're not all about getting in your pants. sara's words
too. they're all a lot of fun though. we eat with them
every tuesday and thursday.

sunday we went over to lowers to eat. we saw the phi tau
guys there and after their meeting they came over and we
all played pool. then we came back and watched jaws till
two thirty in the morning. school was cancelled monday
because of the ice storm saturday and sunday. it was
great. then last night we went to bed again at around two

jonathon called today. :)

k well i'm out. later all!

final thought: i miss you. i don't think you realize that.